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Hello and welcome back, all my mystery friends. Especially those of you who are chomping at the bit! LOL! Yup, you know who you are and I appreciate you too! Looks like we made it through the worst of winter. All those dog ears and trimming behind us. Now to get to the meat of this Handy Dandy thing! I don’t know about you but I’m ready for Spring! Birds and Bees! Flowers and trees! I’m waxing poetic, I know…..oye! This is supposed to be a quilting blog….a mystery quilting blog! But I guess that can be part of the mystery. Ok, enough babble. Let’s get right to it!

Handy Dandy Scrap Quilt – Clue #4

14. Using the hourglass blocks that were made in the last clue (#13), sew one assorted colored 2 1/2″ square to the white side of each hourglass block as shown. Still keeping sets together.

15. Join two of the blocks together with one assorted 2 1/2″ square to make one strip.

16. Using the two remaining hourglass blocks, sew the blocks made in #11 to each side as shown. Position with the background to the outside. Sew these to the strip made in #15 to complete the star block as shown. Square up to 10-1/2″ if necessary. Make 20.

17. No! This is NOT the reveal! I know some might think you are done but there is more to come. Assemble the blocks on point as shown with the 10 1/2″x 2″ sashing strips made in Clue #2. Assorted 2″ squares for cornerstones and 2 7/8″ half square triangles complete the sashing. Use the 15 1/2″ background squares that are cut on both diagonals around the outside and the 8″ background squares that are cut on one diagonal for the corners. Trim and square up.

The final clue and the reveal will come next month. So stay tuned and we’ll finish this Handy Dandy Scrappy Quilt with some Attitude! Get ready to say bye bye to another scrap pile! They look so much cuter in a quilt than in a pile…..don’t cha think? See you on May 14th 7pm EDT ish!

As usual, PLEASE do not post these instructions on Facebook.  I ask that you send people here to the website for information.  If you have not joined in the fun on Facebook, check me out at MakingScrappyQuiltsWithCharlotte. I love seeing all your hard work and getting to chat with you a bit.

Happy Quilting!


Please feel free to direct others to this website for the information and clues. 



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