Two weeks to go!

Can you imagine?  Two weeks from now it will be the middle of January!  Our winter has been so warm the cold weather only arrived yesterday.  Finally, we have some snow but it’s mostly melted already.  That’s ok with me,  I’ll take the warm weather any day.  Although I do like to sit and sew when the wind is howling and the snow is blowing outside.  Looking at it is much better than having to go outside in it.  One really advantage of being retired! YeeHa!  But I’ll adjust to sewing when its not snowing and blowing  there’s always some other excuse I can find if I need one.

I found a, hopefully, minor error in the cutting instructions.  The background 3 1/2″ square was listed as needing 20. You really need 80.  I had it listed correctly in my notes but apparently I typed it incorrectly.  So that makes the background yardage to just a little over 3 yards instead of 2 3/4 yards.  I hope you all have enough.  I went through and checked all the other numbers and they look to be good.  My apologies.

Here are a couple of I Spy quilts I finished for gifts.  The back of each is the racetrack panel.  They turned out pretty well and were a big hit.  It always makes you feel good when the quilts are well received and you know they will be well used and loved.  These were made for two four year old boys that were just adopted from Uganda.
2015-12-20 09.02.44 2015-12-20 09.01.44 2015-12-20 09.02.02

2015-12-25 10.43.22

The colors of this one look all washed out but they are all shades of blue. This was a long time UFO from a block of the month that we did in my quilting guild years ago. My UFO pile is getting way out of hand so I decided to finish up some of the smaller ones so that I felt like I was making some progress. I feel better now…..LOL.  As some of you know, I am a hand quilter so this was fun to do.  Each block is quilted with a different design and pattern.  Too bad you can’t see my handiwork!  My mother is always cold so I gave it to her for Christmas to “warm her body and comfort her soul”.

I know most of you don’t need a reminder……lol…..the first clue for Scrappy Stars Around the Corner is two weeks away from tonight 7pm EST. If you loved Scrapitude I think you will love this one too!
See you soon!
Happy Quilting!