Random But Pleasing?! What’s That?

The other night at our guild meeting, Mary asked “Random but pleasing?  Does that mean it’s not random?”…….(tongue in cheek).  She’s a great scrapper and was giving me that look, just being a smartie.  So Mary, this is for you and all the others who may legitimately want to know.  Random but pleasing is random but sort of.  As I cut and choose my scraps, I like as many different options as I have available.  Meaning many colors, styles( 30’s, civil war, kids etc.), patterns (stripes, polk-a-dot, florals, fruit, etc.).  I like and use it ALL …whatever is in the bag, box or pile!  When I’m sewing my pieces together, I usually have them randomly stacked in piles next to where I’m working and I “audition” the pieces as I am sewing them together.  I want interest and balance but most of all I don’t want to lose the focus of my block pattern.  So I look for diversity in color, fabric pattern, and value.    So if one piece is the same color, same pattern (polk-a-dots, stripes, floral, solid), same value (light, dark, etc.), that piece is set aside and the next is “auditioned”. It’s a quick glance.  No matchy match!   No hemming and hawing about whether I like it or not or whether is goes……do I love it or not.  Not important!  Can I live with it and does it give me the contrast and balance that I want to have in my block.  That’s what I’m looking for.  Of course, when the blocks are finished there are always some that I really like and some not so much.  When I’m down to assembling those last couple of blocks, there are always some pieces that just need to be put in there.  They may not have that zing that I’d like.  So I stick that “not so much” block somewhere in a corner of the quilt .  The corner is usually hanging off the bed and you can’t see it that well anyway.  The ones with the pop go in the middle  where they are most visible.  I hope that explains my “random but pleasing” theory.  Happy Quilting, Everyone!  BTW I love seeing your Clue #1 blocks on Flickr.