It’s a good day to be inside!

Our official total of snow so far is 15″ since this storm started last night.  We have more than all the surrounding area!  As I let out my dog Bailey this morning, the door pushed about 4″ of snow and there is a step down from there.

2015-02-02 12.42.34

She looked at the snow, looked at me and said” Nope!” So we had to shovel a spot so she would go out and take care of business.  She is smarter now, she learned her lesson because there have been times when she just went out and there she was…..stuck… neck deep in snow.  I don’t blame her I wouldn’t want to go out there either.  Thank God for indoor plumbing!

So what does a girl do when it’s snowing and blowing outside?  Well, first of all she’s very grateful that she doesn’t have to go anywhere! and then of course…….she QUILTS!!!  May you enjoy your day!  May your scraps be plentiful, your corners meet and all your blocks be squared.