Happy Valentine’s Day – Some Mystery Love from Me to You!

Yes!  It’s Valentine’s Day!  It’s not snowing and it is actually 42 degrees! The snow is melting!!!  Yay!! We’ve had over 80 inches of snow so far and it has come in dribs and drabs!  It seems like every day is another day to shovel and clean off the car!  One of our newscasters said it’s like a snowstorm in slow motion.  But next week it is supposed to be in the 50’s!  Can Spring be far behind?  All those baby geese are still snuggled in their eggs, I’m sure!  LOL!  And it’s Clue Day!!!  So without further adieu I will give you the next clue!  Today we are making star centers so make them twinkle….  ;).

Summer Stars at Fawn Lake  –  Clue #2

  1.  Using one 4 3/4″ (4″) Yellow/Orange square and one 4 3/4″ (4″) bright square, place right sides together.  On the wrong side mark a center line 2 3/8″ (2″) in each direction as shown.
  2. Sew 1/4″ on either side of both lines as shown.
  3. Cut on marked line and cut each square on the diagonal to make 8.  Press seams either to dark side or open.  
  4. Sew opposite sections together to make 4 – 2 1/2″ (2″) squares.  Make sure you square up to size.  
  5. Sew remaining 23 yellow/orange and bright squares as above to make 96 star centers.

NOTE: Here you will have a choice.  I have chosen to keep my 4 star centers together for later use.  You may choose to do the same but it’s ok to use them mixed up later.  Also, you have another option for the next clue.  You may want to kind of matchy match your 2″ (1 5/8″) colored squares into sets of four.  I have made sets of like/similar colors….not necessarily the same fabric/pattern/design.  Or you can just use them randomly scrappy.

OK, now you have it!  The next clue will be on March 7th at 7pm EST.  Happy Quilting!


Please feel free to direct others to this website for the information and clues. 


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