Happy New Year!

Yayee!  Happy New Year to all my quilty friends!  A new year and if you didn’t notice…….a new name for this site!  Scrapitude was trademarked (sorry, I didn’t realize) so I had to make some changed to be in compliance.  Hopefully, no one has trademaked ME!!!  Good Luck with that one!  Thanks go to my son who made the changes for me and now we can enter the new year on a new note!  Yippee!  Next week starts the clues for my new mystery…..Surrounded By Scraps!  I’m excited to get going on this new adventure.  But, (sigh)  I have to wait just like you…..heh! heh!  Welcome to Charlotte Hawkes Quilts!  Where we make Scrappy Quilts with ATTITUDE!   Not sure if that means the quilts have an attitude or we do!  I’m thinking BOTH!!  LOL!  I say bring it on!!  Stay tuned!