(Drum Roll……….) Here goes!

Well, I guess we’re ready!  At least as ready as we’re gonna get!  But first, I want to tell you about my new find.  I do a lot of black stitching on black fabric.  My machine has a light but it’s really hard to see those black stitches.  A friend of mine “enlightened” (HaHa, I like that!)  me to an LED light strip that you can attach to your machine.  It has a sticky backing so you can position it to get the most light exactly where you need it. It is plenty long enough and you can easily cut off the extra length that you don’t need.  I’ve tried other lights and there always seems to be a shadow and although they help they’ve never quite cut it for me.  This light is bright and gives me no shadow!  But it has a dimmer so if you are working on really bright fabrics it is more pleasing to your eyes.  At least it worked that way for me.  I found it on Amazon  –  Bonlux Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit, Machine Working Led Lights Attachable LED Sewing Light Strip Kit – Fits All Sewing Machine.  And the price was very reasonable – $19.99.  I will be buying 2 more soon for my other machines.  I don’t know how I sewed without it before.  Love it!




OK, so here we go with the first clue.  Warning:  this clue may be somewhat boring but we need to grow the bones for this mystery.  Remember, there are two sizes offered here with the large size in ( ).  My background is black so substitute your background color for mine.  We will be making 4 patches and 9 patches, as shown, –  48 of each, and  (80 of each).  As always…….no need to matchy match here.  Just use as many different colors, patterns, fabrics as you can.  Variety and no duplication will give you the best look. ( Yup, those are Christmas gingerbread boys!  I use it all!  Go wild!  Have fun with it!)   Flip and nest the seam allowance to reduce bulk.  Press to your darkest side.  When finished, 4 patches should measure 2 1/2″ square and 9 patches should measure 3 1/2″ square.

Next clue will be on February 8th at 7pm EST.  As always, have fun and Happy Quilting!


Please feel free to direct others to this website for the information and clues.