My apologies !  Thanks to Liz, it was brought to my attention that the number of med/dark 4 1/4″ squares need for this pattern was posted incorrectly.  So if you all were figuring you must have miscounted or something, the problem was not yours but totally mine.  You need a total of 150 -4 1/4″ med/dark squares instead of 128.  So if you haven’t been there yet,……..back to the scrap bin for 22 more.  I truly apologise.  I do try very hard to get all my instructions correct but I guess I goofed up this time.  Hopefully  this will get us all back on track and I hope I haven’t messed you up too much.  Just for your info, if you have completed this clue, you should not need to find any more from the scrap bin.  You should be all caught up.  The remaining numbers should be ok………golly, I hope!  Again, my apologies !