Clue #5 – The Reveal

I’m excited to present to you my “Summer Stars On Fawn Lake.”  This quilt has been a dream of mine for a number of years now……sitting on the back burner.   I took this opportunity to force myself to make it and now I can’t believe how many Summer Stars are twinkling all over the world.  I love it!!  Thank you all for participating in my 5th mystery quilt!  I know this has been a challenge for some of you, but you took the challenge!  Now the final layout is here.  Take your time and lay it out row by row following the grid.  I have left the little sashings colored so that you can see which block goes where.  And yes, if I made this quilt again I would make all the sashed background blocks with a log/brick instead of putting two background squares with the mini sashing.  Hindsight!  I actually made this quilt along with you but, of course, I was one or two steps ahead.  I will be adding a plain border.  And mine still needs to be quilted!  I’m thinking of using a variegated blue thread and maybe some metallic pops on some of the stars.  OK!  Here goes!  Enjoy!

Summer Stars On Fawn Lake  –  Clue #4

The Grid:  







This is mine:



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