Here we go!! It’s Time to Cut The Scraps!!

This quilt works well with either a light or dark background.  For the light fabrics listed below, please use colors, pastels, pale greens, pinks, oranges, blues, etc. I’ve already been asked “What’s the difference between light and very light?”  My answer is after you have chosen your lights, separate them into light and very light.  And, sorry about the 2 5/8″ squares…….not a size I save either! I tried 2 1/2 and 2 3/4 and they just didn’t work.  I couldn’t figure it so you could just trim them down so I guess you’ll just have to trim to start with.  But you have lots of time and the clues will begin before you know it!  The first clue will be given on January 12, 2016 at 7 pm EST.

Scrappy Stars Around The Corner
A Quilt from Scrapitude Quilts
“Scraps with Attitude”
Designed by Charlotte Hawkes

Overall center size with no borders: approx. 80 x 99 inches
For the Confident Beginner to Intermediate Quilter

Fabric and cutting requirements:
Instructions include the use of the Easy Angle tool for cutting HST if desired.

Assorted Medium to Dark Scraps

31 – 2 ½”squares
80 – 2 5/8” squares
9 – 2 7/8” squares cut on the diagonal
94 – 3 ½” squares
98 – 3 7/8” squares cut on the diagonal OR   196 – 3 1/2″ HST using Easy Angle tool
150 – 4 ¼” squares cut on both diagonals

Assorted Very Light to Light Colored Scraps

80 – 2 5/8” squares
40 – 3 7/8” squares cut on the diagonal OR 80 – 3 1/2″ HST using Easy Angle tool
22 – 4 ¼” squares cut on both diagonals

Assorted Light to Medium Colored Scraps

31 – 3 7/8” squares cut on the diagonal OR 62 – 3 1/2″ HST using Easy Angle tool

Background – 2 ¾ yds.

80 – 3 ½” squares
40 – 4 ¼” squares cut on both diagonals
80 – 2 ½ x 12 ½” strips for sashing

Border, Binding, Backing and Batting as desired

© 2015 Charlotte Hawkes. All rights reserved. Written permission is required to copy and/or distribute copies of this pattern whether or not you profit from it.

I welcome your enthusiasm and publicity but Please do not share these clues on Facebook. Please feel free to direct others to this website for the information and clues. Thank You.

It’s Time to Reveal – Clue #5

First, I want to thank you all for your prayers and condolences at this difficult time.  My heart is heavy for my son and his two small children.  Life will never be the same for them.  But we try and move on, doing our best to make up for the loss but there is no way to fill this void.  Your comments have touched me.  Thank you all again.

OK!  Here we go!  Clue #5

You should have all your sections done and ready to go.  Now it’s time to cut your sashing.  Cut (48)  –  1 1/2 x 10 1/2″ strips.  Assemble blocks on point as shown, using the sashing strips, 1 1/2″ cornerstones and the remaining 1 7/8″ HST’s. Scrap-In-A-Box #5

There are several ways to assemble your squares.  When I assemble mine, I like to lay out the squares so that I get a good mix of the fabrics and colors.  I try to not have like fabric next to each other.  I sew the squares together in strips with the sashing in between.  Then I lay the strips out in order and choose a cornerstone that is in contrast to the fabrics that meet at the corners.  I then sew the sashing strips to the cornerstones making long strips.  Add the 1 7/8″ HSTs at each end (making sure they go in the right direction).   I then sew the sashing strips to the strips of squares.  This way I can make sure that the cornerstones are mixed well and contrast with the corner fabrics.


Measure the length and width of the quilt at the center.  Cut the inner border strips 1 1/2″ wide the proper length and width for each side.  Pin and sew being careful to not stretch the fabric.

Measure and cut the contrasting border strips 1 1/2″ for each side.  Pin and sew as before.

Measure and cut the outer border strips 3 1/2″ for each side.  Pin and sew as before.

My finished quilt top measures 59″ x 74″.  Here it is hanging on the neighbor’s clothesline with the wind blowing!

2015-05-20 16.57.06

To Reveal or Not to Reveal! That is the Question!

We’re getting close to the end!  This clue has you constructing the blocks.  I know that some of you will be chomping at the bit to put those blocks together but I just want to remind you that this is still a mystery…… proceed at your own risk………hmmmmm.

Clue #4

Assemble 18 – Scrap-In-A-Box blocks as shown using one 2 1/2″ colored square in the center, 4 units from Clue #2 and 4 brick units from Clue #3


Mystery Block

Assemble 10 – Half Blocks as shown using one 2 7/8″ colored HST in the center, one unit from Clue #2, two brick units and a left and right HST unit from clue #3.  (Sorry, I couldn’t get this guy to lay down!  LOL!)

Mystery Block #14

Assemble 4 units using one left and right HST, one brick and one diagonal set aside from section B in Clue #3

Mystery Block #15

And there you have Clue #4.  The final Clue #5 and the reveal will be presented on May 12th at 7pm EDT.  For those of you who have not chosen your sashing and border fabric, I would suggest that you lay out your blocks and chose a blender fabric in a color that will accentuate and compliment your blocks so that they pop.  No need to be shy with the color.  My blender fabric in the block is about the yellow in the diagram above and I chose a rich pumpkin pie for my sashing and border with a chocolate contrasting inside border…….all of which you will see next month at the reveal!  Happy Quilting!

Now I must get out in this wonderfully warm sunny spring day and get my gardens into shape.  No quilting for this one today!  And then it’s off to camp for a few days!  BTW, I am now legal to sell my patterns in NYS.  So, hopefully, when I return I can get busy getting the website ready for that.  Thank you all for your interest in ScrapitudeQuilts!

Clue #3 – This One’s A Tricky One

Yup! Here’s Clue #3 and, no, I haven’t lost my mind! Yet!!! Ha! Ha! Have fun with it!

Scrap-In-A-Box – Clue #3

Section (A): Cut the 23 colored 1 7/8″ squares on the diagonal to make 46 HSTs. Sew each colored HST to one background 1 7/8″ HST.   Make 14 with the colored HST on the right and 14 with the colored HST on the left. As shown below.  Set the remaining colored HST’s aside.  You should have 28 sections.  Trim off dog ears.
2015-03-09 14.04.05


Section (B):  Cut the 8 – 3 1/4″ colored squares on both diagonals (32 sections).  Sew each section to the background triangle, as shown, to make a HST.   You should still have 28 sections.  Trim off dog ears. Set aside the remaining colored sections from the 3 1/4″ squares.

2015-03-09 14.44.56


Section (C):  Cut the 7 – 5 1/4″ colored squares on both diagonals (28 sections).  Sew one 2 7/8″ background HST to each section.  14 to the right and 14 to the left.  As shown.  Like you would be making a flying geese (goose?) block but with only one side.  Trim dog ears.

2015-03-09 15.30.18


Sew each (B) section to the corresponding (C) section to make a HST.  As shown below.  You should have 14 right sides and 14 left sides.  Trim.

2015-03-09 15.50.06


Using the 1 1/2″ width of fabric strips, sew one colored and one background strip together lengthwise (the long way, not end to end).  *If your 2 1/2″ blender strips have not been cut into squares. Sew each blender strip to the colored  1 1/2″ strip.  Cut into 96 – 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ bricks.  *If your blender has been cut into 2 1/2″ squares. Cut the 1 1/2″ sewn strips into 96 – 2 1/2″ sections.  Sew each blender square to the colored side of the square to make a brick 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.  As shown below.

2015-03-10 09.36.17


And there you go!  You made it through the tricky stuff!  BTW I LOVE looking at all your progress on the Flickr page.  They all look so happy!  I love happy quilts!  If you haven’t already chosen your sashing and border fabric, now is a good time to look at your sections with your brick blenders and see what would compliment what you have.  I know sometimes with a mystery it can get kind of strange and you may think….”If I had only known, I would have done something different….”.  So lay out your pieces and get a feel of what color would really make those squares pop.

Have fun and the next clue will be on April 14th, 7 pm EDT.

Here We Go! Clue #2

Scrap-In-A-Box  –  Clue #2

If using 2 7/8″ background squares, cut them in half on the diagonal OR if using the Easy Angle Tool, use the background HST’s cut from 2 1/2″ strips.  Sew one triangle to each side of the 2 1/2″ colored side of the unit made in clue #1.  (Unit will appear similar to the unit in clue #1)   Trim off the dog ears.  Complete 82.


Part 1 of Clue #2 Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

Part 1 of Clue #2
Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

If using the 4 7/8″ colored squares, cut them in half on the diagonal OR if using the Easy Angle Tool make the HST’s from 4 1/2″ strips.  Sew the colored HST to the unit in Clue #2 to make a 4 1/2″ square.  Square up if necessary.  Trim off dog ears and press to the colored side.  Complete 82.  No need to match…..make them random but pleasing……Actually they don’t have to be that pleasing!!!  Ha!    Remember: Diversity is your friend.  So mix up those colors and patterns!

Second part of Clue #2 Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

Second part of Clue #2
Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

Random But Pleasing?! What’s That?

The other night at our guild meeting, Mary asked “Random but pleasing?  Does that mean it’s not random?”…….(tongue in cheek).  She’s a great scrapper and was giving me that look, just being a smartie.  So Mary, this is for you and all the others who may legitimately want to know.  Random but pleasing is random but sort of.  As I cut and choose my scraps, I like as many different options as I have available.  Meaning many colors, styles( 30’s, civil war, kids etc.), patterns (stripes, polk-a-dot, florals, fruit, etc.).  I like and use it ALL …whatever is in the bag, box or pile!  When I’m sewing my pieces together, I usually have them randomly stacked in piles next to where I’m working and I “audition” the pieces as I am sewing them together.  I want interest and balance but most of all I don’t want to lose the focus of my block pattern.  So I look for diversity in color, fabric pattern, and value.    So if one piece is the same color, same pattern (polk-a-dots, stripes, floral, solid), same value (light, dark, etc.), that piece is set aside and the next is “auditioned”. It’s a quick glance.  No matchy match!   No hemming and hawing about whether I like it or not or whether is goes……do I love it or not.  Not important!  Can I live with it and does it give me the contrast and balance that I want to have in my block.  That’s what I’m looking for.  Of course, when the blocks are finished there are always some that I really like and some not so much.  When I’m down to assembling those last couple of blocks, there are always some pieces that just need to be put in there.  They may not have that zing that I’d like.  So I stick that “not so much” block somewhere in a corner of the quilt .  The corner is usually hanging off the bed and you can’t see it that well anyway.  The ones with the pop go in the middle  where they are most visible.  I hope that explains my “random but pleasing” theory.  Happy Quilting, Everyone!  BTW I love seeing your Clue #1 blocks on Flickr.

SEW!!………Clue #1……Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

I have to apologize.  The clue didn’t go out at 7 pm.  Guess there was something I should have clicked and I didn’t.  Sorry!   I’ll have to figure it out for next time.  But here’s the clue:

Part #1

Sew (2) 1 7/8″ Half Square Triangles (HST) background fabric or (2) 1 1/2″ HST’s made with the Easy Angle Tool background fabric, to one 1 1/2″ colored square.  Sew to make a right angle triangle with the square on point at the top and both background HST’s to make the base (see example below)  Trim off dog ears. Make 82.

Part 1 of Clue #1, Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

Part 1 of Clue #1, Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

Part #2

If using 2 7/8″ colored squares, cut them in half on the diagonal or if you are using the Easy Angle Tool, use the colored HST’s cut from 2 1/2″ strips.  Sew one triangle to the unit sewn above to make a 2 1/2″ square  (See example below).  No need to match…..make them random but pleasing.  Square up if necessary to 2 1/2″ square, trim off dog ears and press to colored side.  Complete 82.

Part 2, Clue #1 Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

Part 2, Clue #1 Scrap-In-A-Box Mystery

Stay tuned.  Clue #2 will be on released Feb. 10, 7 pm EST.
Happy Quilting!

Ready!…….. Get Set!…….

It’s almost time!  GO is tomorrow night at 7 pm EST.  That’s when I present Clue #1 to my quilt guild, the Canal Counry Quilters.  I’m excited to finally get this Scrap-In-A-Box out of the box…….LOL.  When I’m doing Bonnie Hunters MQ’s, I always get a chuckle when “inquiring minds” try and figure out what the block will look like.  I try and present the clues so the mystery may leave you thinking “What?!?”.  It will be fun to see if I succeed. Post your progress on the Scrap-In-A-Box Flickr site and just have a good time.  Until tomorrow…….Happy Quilting!