Brrrrrrr! Sometimes it’s good to handquilt!

I’m thankful to be a hand quilter when (1.)the snow is blowing, (2.) the windchill is -20, and (3.) I don’t have to go anywhere!  I guess there has been ample opportunity this winter to hand quilt!!  I love being cozy under my quilt and while I stitch away.  AND I finally finished a long time UFO.  Years ago (lost track of how many…..maybe even ten (?!!) my quilt guild did a round robin.  We each made the center square and then it was passed to the next person with a focus fabric and some extras.  I believe there were four rounds and each round had instructions as to the width, but each person could add whatever they wanted.  I didn’t love it much when I got it back so it sat there on the pile…waiting.  After I finished my last project, I didn’t have anything basted except this one that was in the hoop and ready to go.  I had taken it to camp to work on a couple times but for the most part it had just sat there in “time out” for a lo-o-ong time.  With nothing ready to work on, I brought it out and thought maybe this time I’d get it done.  Well Hello!!  Now the colors fit nicely in my livingroom and it really started to grow on me!  So here it is:    The best part is that I finally finished it and now my pile is one silly millimeter shorter!  Yeayyyy, UFO!!!

Round Robin

Round Robin

  • Sandy H
    February 19, 2015

    Love this, Charlotte! I was cuddled up under a quilt doing some hand applique tonight and managed to applique my project to the quilt I was cuddling under. A dangerous proposition, I guess!

    • Charlotte Hawkes
      February 20, 2015

      Hi Sandy, LOL, we’re a dangerous bunch!
      Quilt On!

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