Quilting Through the “Pause”

As the Covid 19 pandemic wrecks havoc on much of the world, many of us are quarantined to our homes. Social distancing and staying home has kept us away or at arms reach from one another. Luckily, no one I know has been infected or worse. I can only pray that you and your families are staying safe and managing this situation as well as you can.

I know many of you have made masks from the stash that we have prized. And what a good use! I know I have made some masks that used good fabric that I wondered why I kept it all these years. Quite a bit of scrap stash and other odd patterns finally found a home. My husband and our pastor are avid golfers…. now they have golf ball and golf tee masks. The kids next door have tinkerbell and mine kraft masks. And I sport a gerberra daisy mask when I go grocery shopping. All from scraps! Friends have made hundreds of masks to donate to nursing homes, pharmacies, hospitals and anyone who just needs a mask. I thank you all for your efforts in this time of need. Who ever thought our stash could be so well used and loved by non quilters.

On the other hand, many people have asked what do you do all day? Aren’t you getting bored? Never will that happen!! I have a UFO pile that was beginning to dwindle……well, dwindle is too strong a word. A couple inches shorter maybe……a couple of projects done! But like other times, something else came along that needed attention. Masks were the order of the day. But now, I’m back to sewing the fun stuff……on my UFO pile….with a few masks thrown in as needed. And for many, the opportunity to sew all day is a welcome gift. For the most part, I have to say that I’m enjoying this “pause”. Although I will definitively be happy to go out to dinner again and see friends and family close up. We have some hugging to catch up on!

I finally finished hand quilting this mystery medallion! It’s heavily quilted and although I’m glad I’m finally done, I loved every minute of it. I debated whether to end this project here or drag it out another month. I could do a skinny clue or a fat clue. I guess it will remain until I get to the end of this post to see what happens. We’ll see what mood I’m in when we get there! Ok! Time to get to work!

2020 Scrap Fantasy Medallion – Clue #4

19. Using one 1 7/8″ colored and one 1 7/8″white square, sew together and press to the dark side. Sew two together to make a four patch. Press and trim to 3 1/4″.And then sew 4 – four patches together to make a 16 patch. Make 4 – 16 patches.

20. Using one matching set of 4 colored 3 1/2″ squares that have been cut on the diagonal and one 6 1/2″ inside background square that has been cut on both diagonals, sew one HST to both sides of the background quarter triangle as shown. Make 4 as shown. Press and trim dog ears.

21. Sew one section to opposite sides of the 16 patch checkerboard as shown making sure that the points are facing in.

22. Sew 3 1/4″ inside background squares to both sides of the two remaining sections and sew to the other open sides to make a Sawtooth 16 patch square. Press and trim to 11″ square. Repeat to make 4 blocks total.

23 .Using the remaining Anvil square blocks, sew one section of the 8 3/4″ outside background squares that have been cut on both diagonals to two sides of the anvil square as shown.

24. Repeat with remaining diamond square blocks as shown.

25. Sew one diamond square block unit from #24 to either side of a Martha Washington pinwheel block as shown. Make 4.

26. Using one HST from the 8 1/2″ outside background squares that have been cut on one diagonal, sew to the bottom of the Martha Washington pinwheel block as shown.

27. Sew one Martha Washington block to each side of the Sawtooth 16 patch block made in #22 as shown below. Make 4.

28. Sew one Anvil block unit made in #23 to either side of the above unit as shown.

29. Sew the unit made in #26 to the above unit. as shown.

30. Sew one completed unit to each side of the center medallion created in #18. Border with 6″ border strips or width of your choice. Batting and backing of your choice.

Thank you to my neighbor for holding up the quilt on a very windy day!

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed making this mystery. Now you and I can say we made a medallion quilt! I’m anxious to see your finish products. Please post them on Facebook!

Until next time……stay home and stay safe!

Enjoy this “pause” if you can and Happy Quilting!


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