Where did this month go?

There is a saying that “time passes fast when you are having too much fun.” Well, I must be having a lot of fun because here we are again! It just seems like a bit ago that I released the last clue. I have been hand quilting this medallion and I hope to have it finished by the reveal. I’m on the last quarter and then I have the border. It took me a month to quilt the center which you just completed and a month to quilt each of the remaining quarters. With two months to go I hope to have it done…done…done!!! But I like it! and I’m having fun!! I hope you are too!

It seems that some of you have had problems with the Martha Washington square and have questioned my cutting measurements. I draw on EQ (Electric Quilt software) for my designs and it gives me the measurements for rotary cutting. Some need to be rounded up….who wants to cut in 16ths of an inch? Some of you don’t want to cut in 8ths!!! I make the block and the whole quilt before I decide what I will use for the cutting requirements. Usually the EQ measurements are ok but occasionally I have to readjust a bit. The only thing I changed on this Martha block was increasing the corner square from 3 1/8″ to 3 1/4″. The rest of the measurements worked for me. I don’t have any unusual bunching, waving, missing points and I didn’t have to add any additional borders to make the 11″ square. I know that many of you are far better quilters than I am and some of you never commented on having problems with the block. Why did some work and others not? I guess the answers are just in the difference in cutting, seam allowance, pressing and fabrics. And if you added borders, that’s fine with me. Whatever you have to do to make it work!

Well, enough of that! Here is the next clue:

2020 Scrap Fantasy Medallion – Clue #3

14. Sew 1 colored and 1 inside background 1 7/8″ square together. Make 48. Press to the dark side. Sew two together to make a 4 patch as shown. Trim to 3 1/4″. Makes 24.

15. Using 1 – 3 1/2″ inside background and 1 – 3 1/2″ colored squares that have been cut on one diagonal, sew one inside background HST and one colored HST together on the diagonal as shown. Keep in pairs. Press to the dark side and trim dog ears. Make 12 sets.

16. Sew two 4 patches to one set of the above pairs as shown. Sew the center seam. Makes 12 Anvil blocks. Trim to 5 3/4″.

17. Sew one 1 7/8″ wof (width of fabric) outside background strips to either long side of one 3″ wof inside background (not end to end). Press to the dark side making a border strip 5 3/4″ by your wof. (Sorry, no picture here).

18. Cut the border strips to 43″ or the width of your center medallion made last month. Sew to two opposite sides. Choose 4 anvil blocks for the corners and sew to the ends of the two other border strips so that the 4 patch not will be in the corner of the completed new medallion. The 4 patches will be on the side to side position. Sew remaining sides to complete the center medallion. (Sorry, no picture again).

I guess I have to apologize for no pictures. Either I didn’t take them or they got lost in the shuffle. I could show you on my quilt but that wouldn’t be good! You are all smart cookies and I trust you will figure it out without a photo!

The next clue will emerge on April 14th.

Happy quilting!

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