Twinkle! Twinkle! Clue #4

This winter is a lot like making all those flying geese!  Will it ever get done? Finished? Over with?!!!  Still it snows!  Spring is supposed to be here but this freezing weather drags on and on.  It will probably turn into hot summer overnight but I want my Spring!!!!  Waaa!  Waaa!  Yeh, I’m whining!  But not about making all those baby geese!  You could say “To the Moon with all those geese!”  But, I say “No!!”……….” Send them to the stars!!!”

Summer Stars On Fawn Lake  –  Clue #4

Sew one 1 1/2? (1 1/4?) background square to either side of two flying geese.  Sew two flying geese to either side of one star center from clue #2 making sure the star points are facing outward as shown below. Sew together  to make a star as below. Make 96. Trim to  4 1/2? (3 1/2?) squares.  Note:  I used one set of four flying geese for each star.  But do as you like.  I know some have saved sets and others did not.  It all works!


Using the  4 1/2? (3 1/2?) background squares and the star blocks. Assemble in a nine patch block as shown below.  Make 24 blocks.  Trim to 12 1/2″ (9 1/2″) blocks.  Note: I liked having all my star centers (dark and light sides) going in the same direction.  To me, it gave the design more focus. I also kept my matching star centers in the same block.  My star centers are the same and in the same position but each star has a different colored set of geese (star points).  But do as you like. It all works!


Yes, you all worked hard last month.  This month is easy peasy!  Next is the setting grid and the reveal.  WooHoo!  Have fun! See you all on May 9th at 7pm EDT!  Happy Quilting!


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