Happy New Year

As the hours and minutes count down to the new year I want to wish all my quilting friends abundant peace and joy in 2018.  We have such an opportunity to give to others.  There is such peace as we snuggle and rest under the warmth of a handmade quilt.  The joy we get from the planning and building a quilt, in most cases, just to give it away is reason enough for many of us to keep on quilting.  We are a special group.  So, my friends, keep up the good work.  We make the world a better place!  And Yes!  Only 10 more days!  Happy New Year!



Welcome quilting friends!  Our numbers have grown since last year and I want to thank you all for joining me in my new fun mystery – Summer Stars At Fawn Lake.  I changed the title a bit since the stars aren’t really in the lake….lol!

The snow is flying here in upstate New York with temperatures dropping into the 20’s next week.  Christmas is around the corner and then a New Year will begin a new journey. I say Bring It On!

Life has been full this year.  I’ve found a new friend to enjoy “camp” with.  My son who previously lived in Michigan moved to Las Vegas.  I just got back from visiting him and his family at the new house in Henderson.  My little grandkids are growing up so fast and going to school now.  Time is flying by!

And oh, I almost forgot.  I bought a mid size longarm with a 5′ frame.  So now those piles of unfinished quilt tops can hopefully become something useful!  I’m working through the learning curve.  As some of you know, I’ve been a hand quilter for many years.  I have never sent any of my quilts to the longarmer and I’ve never gotten the hang of free motion. I’ve always preferred to make my own quilting designs as my quilt “speaks to me.”  So now a new set of skills need to be developed so I can hear them whisper to me in longarm….lol!

I know some of you are anxiously waiting for the first clue.  Actually I’m getting excited to get this thing started too!  So I’m picking a date!  Clues will be given on the second Wednesday of each month with the first going out on January 10th. So get ready! It’s going to be a fun and interesting time!

Until then, enjoy the Holidays!