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Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Sometimes I just amaze myself…………..  Thank you to Delwyn for suggesting Facebook so we can all share progress and chat!  Some things you think you may not be able to do are just sooooooo simple.  Just a word to you all out there……..you know who you are………….don’t ever say “I don’t think I can do that.”  Because PROBABLY YOU CAN!!!!!  Thank you all for your encouragement and your support!

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To Reveal or Not to Reveal! That is the Question!

We’re getting close to the end!  This clue has you constructing the blocks.  I know that some of you will be chomping at the bit to put those blocks together but I just want to remind you that this is still a mystery……..so proceed at your own risk………hmmmmm.

Clue #4

Assemble 18 – Scrap-In-A-Box blocks as shown using one 2 1/2″ colored square in the center, 4 units from Clue #2 and 4 brick units from Clue #3


Mystery Block

Assemble 10 – Half Blocks as shown using one 2 7/8″ colored HST in the center, one unit from Clue #2, two brick units and a left and right HST unit from clue #3.  (Sorry, I couldn’t get this guy to lay down!  LOL!)

Mystery Block #14

Assemble 4 units using one left and right HST, one brick and one diagonal set aside from section B in Clue #3

Mystery Block #15

And there you have Clue #4.  The final Clue #5 and the reveal will be presented on May 12th at 7pm EDT.  For those of you who have not chosen your sashing and border fabric, I would suggest that you lay out your blocks and chose a blender fabric in a color that will accentuate and compliment your blocks so that they pop.  No need to be shy with the color.  My blender fabric in the block is about the yellow in the diagram above and I chose a rich pumpkin pie for my sashing and border with a chocolate contrasting inside border…….all of which you will see next month at the reveal!  Happy Quilting!

Now I must get out in this wonderfully warm sunny spring day and get my gardens into shape.  No quilting for this one today!  And then it’s off to camp for a few days!  BTW, I am now legal to sell my patterns in NYS.  So, hopefully, when I return I can get busy getting the website ready for that.  Thank you all for your interest in ScrapitudeQuilts!